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Upcoming Events


Sunday October 17th 2021 

On Sunday October 17th , the Breathe for Britt Foundation and Port Jefferson School of Rock will host the 10th Annual Breathe for Britt Bandstand in Memory of Brian Kane.

Please join us for an afternoon of music, raffles, and fun Katie's of Smithtown! The Port Jefferson School of Rock is once again sponsoring the event with us. ALL AGES WELCOME!

100% of all proceeds go directly to the Breathe for Britt Foundation helping families affected by cystic fibrosis.

The event will celebrate the life of BFB founder and Britt's godfather, Brian while we raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, and support families in our community affected by CF. All proceeds will benefit Breathe for Britt Foundation programs.

BFB Bandstand will feature live music from: School of Rock Port Jefferson, Rorie Kelly and Lexy Cassell. There will also be raffles and prizes!

Where: Katies of Smithtown 145 West Main Street Smithtown

When: Sunday April 26th 1pm-5:30

All proceeds will benefit the Breathe for Britt Foundation.

BFBF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that helps Long Island families affected by cystic fibrosis, a genetic life threatening illness.

Virtual  Breathe for Britt 5K

We are excited to announce Virtual Breathe for Britt 5K this fall. 

Check back soon for details!