6 Key Components of a Great Smoothie

The global smoothie market size is expected to reach $14.14 million by 2026. It’s hard to say what exactly has pushed society into this abrupt love affair with smoothies, but it is easy to understand why. The best ones are not only packed with nutrients and energy, but are arguably the most delicious (and convenient) breakfast food out there. Here’s how you can build one from home.

  1. Sustenance

Every great smoothie starts with a great base. Frozen banana offers carbohydrates, potassium, energy, natural sweetness, and an incredible creamy texture that takes any blended drink to the next level.

Unfrozen bananas work in a pinch, but freezing these soft fruits gives them an ice-cream-like texture that not only tastes better, but solves the issue of needing to buy fresh ones every week. You can chop up a bunch of bananas and let them sit in the freezer for months – goodbye easily bruised bananas, hello smoothie heaven.

  1. Liquid

Even the most powerful blenders won’t be able to blend your frozen bananas without a healthy swig of liquid. Assuming you have enough flavor and creaminess in your smoothie, water is a perfectly acceptable liquid to add, but a milk of your choice is where it’s at.

You can use soy, cashew, oat, or cow’s milk – and everything in between. What’s important is that it’s relatively neutral in flavor and has some level of creaminess to it.

  1. Flavor and nutrients

Here’s where things get exciting. Nutrients are an important element of a good smoothie, not just because they give you extra health points, but because they typically come in the form of fruits or veg, which means two very important things: flavor and color.

Berries, mango, cherries, pineapple, and plums are just some of the many amazing fruits you can add to your smoothie for increased relish. You can select a fruit based on what you know your body needs, such as guava for protein, spinach for iron, or pineapple for vitamin C.

  1. Sweetness

If you are sensitive to natural sugar, there’s no need to add any additional sweetness. However, certain natural sweeteners like wild honey or soft dates can add fiber, essential minerals, and a layer of deliciousness to your morning smoothie that you sip on while enjoying the online betting NZ offers.

  1. Fat

We all need healthy fat in our diets in order to function at an optimal level. Plus, adding fat to your smoothie can enhance its creamy texture and keep you full for much longer.

Some great healthy fat options are peanut butter, avocado, or Greek yoghurt – which adds a welcomed tang as well as important probiotics. These additions will help bind your smoothie and provide a silkier, smoother texture. Did someone say ice cream?

  1. Acidity

And last but not least – a smoothie connoisseur’s secret: a nice squeeze of lemon will add a freshness and acidity to your smoothie that accents the natural sweetness perfectly.

It’s not essential (especially if you’re making a chocolatey or peanut butter-heavy smoothie), but it will uplift any fruit-based smoothie in a dramatic way. You won’t look back!