Why You Should Adopt Feng Shui In Your Home

Crowded, small, and frequently poorly designed smaller spaces  – such as city apartments – can make it difficult  for residents to feel healthy, cheerful, and at home in them. Here’s where the Chinese art of feng shui promises to help.

Feng shui, which isn’t a religion although it’s linked to Taoism, translates into “wind and water.” It’s a practice that assists people support their energies with their surroundings.

If you are able to create a balanced representation in your home, it can reveal how you’re responding to outside experiences. It becomes a metaphor for everything that happens to you in life.

Yes, it may sound quite strange however there’s some science behind it. Over-crowded living spaces have been revealed to have an effect on our health, working as a stressor. Also research shows that spaces and our environments play a huge part in how we feel and perform. This logic is what feng shui is all about.

Many feng shui practitioners are resolute that adopting a few straightforward tips to carve the right environment can boost almost every aspect of life — if it’s improving your health, finding love, or making more money.

How To Feng Shui Your Living Room

Feng shui – which means ‘wind water’ in English – comes from the Taoist belief in chi. This is the life force which is present in everything. In terms of arranging furniture and decor in this space, living room feng shui looks to balance opposing – however complementary – yin and yang elements. This is in order to improve the flow of positive chi and also ward off negative chi.

In terms of living room feng shui ideas why not go for monochrome living room with vibrant red velvet sofa and geometric design curtain fabric? Letting air into your room is important when adhering to the principles of living room feng shui. Open a window as fresh air circulates the energy or chi of your home while boosting the oxygen levels and eliminating airborne bacteria.

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

The bedroom must be a place of rest, romance and relaxation where you can enjoy the online betting NZ offers. Nothing else. As we tend to spend upward of eight hours a day in this sacred space, we should really try to maximise its feng shui to its fullest potential.

Prior to getting started, we recommend a quick decluttering and energy clearing which will bust through any negativity in the air. Consider burning sage, palo santo, or cedar so that you can cleanse the space of negative energy. This will make sure that you have a fresh foundation on which to build the bedroom’s chi (life force energy).

To encourage harmony and relaxation in your bedroom quickly switch up the layout. The most crucial piece of furniture to pay attention to is your bed. You want to ensure it’s in what’s known as the “command position. This means that you need to place your bed so you can see the entry door when you are lying in it