How Cleaning Clutter Leads To Better Mental Health

Clutter, whether it’s acknowledged or not, is a form of mental fatigue that most people engage with each and every day. Often, we’re surrounded by so many unnecessary things, it can be hard to decide what needs to leave our environment first.

One of the best ways that you can combat this hidden stressor is to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible since there are numerous emotional and mental health benefits.

Choose A Place To Declutter First

While being overwhelmed leads to non-action most of the time, picking a singular spot to start work on will help to make the task far less daunting in the long run.

Whether it’s your entryway table, your disorganised dresser, or just deleting unused apps on your phone, provided you choose a single spot to start with, you’ll get the momentum going. This can lead to you building self-confidence in your abilities as you resolutely start to tackle more and more areas. This motivation will lead to an overall improvement in your mood.

Cleaning Is Cathartic

You’ll find that as you start to clean and tidy away clutter, you’ll have a cathartic reaction, which can have a positive snowball effect. The endorphin rush can assist you in building a good cleaning and tidying routine into your daily life, such as wiping down the kitchen counters before bed, or ensuring all surfaces are free of clutter before you head to work.


When your home is one that you feel is tidy and organised, you’ll be more inclined to invite over friends and colleagues to share in your serene space. While those who feel their homes are more cluttered will either not invite friends over or suffer from anxiety and depression if they do.

Keep Your Counters Clear

While it’s tempting to keep handy-must-grab items and other knick-knacks out in the open, you’ll benefit greatly by clearing away the visual clutter and leaving out only the items you treasure or can’t do without. Keeping spaces tidy with less attention-grabbing items can lead to feelings of achievement and be a good boost to your overall mood regarding how the space is serving you.

Less Organisation

Once you’ve done a thorough cleanout of the main cluttered areas of your home, you’ll find you have less to organise that needs to be done on a daily basis. This in turn can help you feel more relaxed in your space since you’ve cut out things which could have led to decision-fatigue. It also gives you more time to do things you enjoy, such as playing the online roulette Canada offers.

Healthy Habits

Research shows that tidy homeowners tend to have better overall health goals, and meet them, than those whose homes are more disorganised. People who suffered from messy homes often were far less physically active than their more organised counterparts.

While clutter is inevitable in any home, how swiftly you deal with it will determine your overall emotional well-being. Keep the momentum going by building in end of day routines to help you tackle small areas before they get too big.