Nonsense Health Products To Avoid Entirely

Everyone wants to be slim, healthy, and energised. The problem is that these things take effort and time, and most are more willing to find an alternative than actually put in the effort. The bottom line is that if you want to be slim, healthy, and fit, it is going to take effort. There are no products that are a quick fix, and no shortcuts to putting in real effort.

There are many products out there that claim to provide benefits, but are nothing more than a waste of time and money. Here are some products that although technically not illegal, certainly do not do what they claim.

Sweat Enhancement Products

When pushing to lose weight, everyone wants to see results immediately. The bad news is that losing weight takes time, often months. This is a lot of effort, especially since results will be minimal for the initial time spent trying to achieve the weight loss goal. As such, there is a veritable boatload of products that claim to help with weight loss. Many do nothing at all, and some provide misleading results.

The idea with sweat enhancement products is that they increase sweating, which, the claim is, speeds up weight loss. What these products actually do is push your body to drop water weight. This will indeed reduce weight, but only temporarily. Real weight loss takes more than just sweating out water. Weight lost in this way will come back almost immediately, if exercise isn’t maintained.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps look great and provide excellent atmosphere, but don’t do anything else. Sellers will make claims such as the lamp creating positively charged particles, or that burning the lamps clears the air of pollutants and pollen.

Anyone that thinks about this for more than a few minutes will immediately deduce that the claims are complete garbage. How, in any logical world, does a salt lamp do any of this?

Waist Trainers

Waist trainers aren’t a new concept, having been around back when corsets were all the rage. The idea is simple; apply a tightly fitting garment that squashes the body into a more ‘appealing’ shape. This can be done in more or less aggressive manners, with the more extreme versions being exactly as unhealthy as they look.

Waist trainers don’t train anything, but do physically squash internal organs into unnatural positions. It can take the body over an hour to recover from the brutal strangulation. Bottom line; waist trainers can, and will, cause permanent damage so rather sit back and relax when out and about or at home playing the online pokies NZ makes available.

Calorie Burning Beverages

High caffeine dosages do, indeed, temporarily boost metabolism. They also push blood pressure through the roof, will disrupt sleep, and can even result in a heart attack. More to the point, these sorts of beverage are certainly not going to burn off weight while you sit and watch TV. Increasing metabolism may help if you’re already dieting and doing exercise, in which case the added anxiety inducing caffeine drinks are just an unnecessary complication.

Here is a thought; if you want to burn calories, do more exercise. What else do you need to know?