Popular Healthy Living Myths Debunked

Listen to a dozen different health gurus, and all will tell you something different. The world is overflowing with so called experts that know what’s best for you, but the truth is that most are shilling nothing but complete misinformation.

Let’s look at a few healthy living misconceptions, keeping in mind that our information is probably as flawed as everyone else’s. The real point to take away from this list is that everyone should do their own research, and make decision based on logic.

Drink More Water

This one is nothing short of a minefield. These days it seems like every health guru will casually drop a line about staying hydrated, but is there any truth to this at all? Google both sides of the argument, and you’ll find endless contradicting facts. More water helps weight loss, or it doesn’t. More water helps brain activity and energy levels, or it doesn’t.

Here are some facts, without the nonsense. More water reduces natural bloating, which will often result short term weight loss. Many common headaches are caused by mild dehydration, so more water can elevate this.

In a nutshell; there is no down side to drinking more water, but some of the benefits are exaggerated.

Natural Foods Are Better For You

This is one of the biggest, longest running misconceptions in the food market. Companies love to slap words like natural and organic on their products, pushing the idea that the items are better for your health. But anyone using logic will know that potato chips labelled organic are still just potato chips. The fact is that the requirements for putting such labels on food is debatable at best, and completely misleading at worst.

Eating healthier, and with the intention of maintaining weight, is perfectly possible without being lured into buying ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ foods. It is simply a matter of using common sense, understanding the basics of diet, and not overindulging.

Microwaved Food Is Bad For You

It is nothing but baseless nonsense that microwaves are capable of doing anything to food but cook it. Cook it in a different way from stoves and ovens, but cook it none the less. Many misguided conspiracy theories and other nonsense ideas have been born out of misunderstanding microwave technology, but rest assured it is not true. Anyone can do more unbiased research into the technology to clear up misconceptions.

The only truth away is that microwaved food often is arguably not as appetising, which in itself depends on preference. Plus,  you can always add spices and salt and you’ve got a quick meal to enjoy while playing at an online gambling casino.

The Latest Trend Is Beneficial

There are many companies that will say virtually anything to make money, and don’t care who they con in the process. From detoxification, to blood type diets, to healing crystals and worse. Buying into the latest trend is not just silly, it is also expensive.

Living healthy isn’t rocket science, it doesn’t take a degree to understand, and there are no quick fixes. Being active, eating smart, and avoiding health hazards is common sense. Most buzzwords and health trends are nothing more than an effort to separate money from a bank account.