What Are The Fundamentals Of Yoga?

Yoga is a fundamental way of life for many, many people all over the world. Yoga is a science, but not a religion, of unifying the mind, body and soul. Also, it is an art of living the correct way. The practices of Yoga are very practical so that they can always be employed.

This is the very good reason why Yoga has been practised for thousands of years and is still valid today.

Man is the known to be the highest creation of God. Among all kinds of living species, he alone has the power to manage his thoughts, actions and feelings utilising the power of this mind. Yoga is an ancient practice from India, which teaches man the art of going beyond to an even greater level of consciousness, where his sense of the ‘self’ is destroyed and he becomes one with the Almighty God via his actions and thoughts.

Achieving that level of consciousness is not a simple task, considering that yogi’s in India devote their whole life to attain Moksha. Though there are some fundamental approaches which everyone can follow in order to experience more peace and harmony in their lives.

Proper Exercise

Proper exercise is required to keep the body healthy, strong and flexible as well. The physical exercises – or postures in Yoga – are known as asanas. Asanas are gentle stretches that assist in lubricating the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as other parts of the body.

Asanas also help to improve circulation, release tension in the body, boost flexibility and tone the nervous system. Asanas are meant to be done in a slow, calm and meticulous manner. In addition to improving the physical body, the mind is also impacted in a very positive way.

Most people find it challenging to calm the mind. We begin with asanas to assist with starting the process of calming the mind and to produce a good foundation for the next steps.

Human Beings Are Basically Spiritual Beings

Yoga aims to free us from the shackles of this earthly bondage that ties us down to our everyday existence of wants, wishes and desires. Yoga seeks to make us realise our inner divinity which is far more beyond our body mind and possession.

Proper Breathing

Owing to our modern lifestyles many of us forget how to breathe, especially when we win big playing the awesome real money slots Australia offers. At best, our breathing becomes quite shallow. All the cells and tissues which are present in our bodies flourish on oxygen. Without a sufficient supply of oxygen, our cells and tissues become weak. This leads to diseases. Deep breathing offers an abundance of oxygen, which makes sure that the cells and tissues are kept healthy.

When we breathe out, we expel impurities from our bodies.

A lack of exhaling deeply does not remove sufficient impurities from our bodies. Shallow breathing then does not supply sufficient oxygen and does not expel sufficient impurities. With proper breathing techniques (which is called pranayama in Sanskrit) we can teach the body to breathe again.